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Smith Environmental Solutions, Inc is a locally owned and operated indoor environmental company that specializes in the inspection  of Indoor Air Quality and testing of Mold, Carbon Monoxide and Radon.  

We normally assist the homeowner in the case of a water loss to ensure whether or not there is a mold problem.  Often times the insurance agent may take this position, but utilizing our services should always be your first line of defense when there has been a water leak.  Our vast knowledge of mold makes us an expert in our field, we utilized technology to assist us to identifying the source and then offering the BEST solution for correction. Other industries that may utilizes our services are General Contractors, Plumbers, Pest Control, Roofers, Waterproofing and Handyman Services.  

Mold  and its spores should be inspected, tested and remediated properly and with us you can have a peace of mind knowing that we are here to make sure that you are receiving the best when it come to mold and its clean-up.

Our mission is to create healthier indoor environments by simply improving the indoor air quality.  We accomplish this by assessments, education and consult.

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