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Smith Environmental Solutions, Inc is a locally owned and operated Indoor Environmental Consultant company that specializes in the improvements of Indoor Air Quality.  We accomplish this through consultations which may include assessments, testing  and simple solution based products.    

Often times when we are hired to inspect indoor environments, we discover that the client just want peace of mind knowing that their air quality is not compromised as well as the healthiness of their home and family.  We believe strongly that if you are not breathing "IT" (indoor contaminants) in, then you are not compromising your body.  Most airborne contaminants, like mold spores, pet dander, chemical off-gassing, etc, are most effected when entered into our body and attack the moisture areas, sinuses, eyes, throat and the blood.  So when we conduct our consultations, we are looking to achieve a goal, create healthier air which will help improve overall health.
We primarily focus our consultations on mold growth, radon, carbon monoxide, household chemical use, HVAC (air flow), crawlspace conditions and attics.  With a thorough inspection, we are able to determine if the current conditions of your home is healthy or unhealthy.  Americans spend more than 80% indoors, the air quality indoor can be 50% more polluted than outdoors, so with the common indoor airborne contaminants floating, landing on your contents, it is only a matter of time before your body starts to show you it is time for reinforcements.

Our mission is to create healthier indoor environments by simply improving the indoor air quality.  We accomplish this by consultations which may include assessments, testing and simple product solutions!

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